PairMobile looks to a future when our mobile devices are intuitive enough to know what we need, what we like, what we are looking for.

Our software will allow various high level applications to be build upon this base, accessing what the software does to allow these new uses to be possible, here are a few ways we see how the future may unfold;


E-Medical File Accessibility

As we move towards a time where physical medical chart use is a thing of the past, we are already seeing the utilization of tablet computers in hospitals and long-term care facilities around the world. With the help of future joint venture partnerships, PairMobile will allow proximity use of tablet computers and the software systems they access, to recognize a patient as the doctor approaches. The PairMobile core application software will allow peripheral applications connected to e-health records software to sense a patient and automatically populate their e-medical file, allow alterations to be made and as they leave the patients proximity, save and close this and onto the next. This type of function allows for a doctor to efficiently use their time, without searching or fidgeting to find files and details they require, benefitting hospitals, doctors and patients alike to receive prompt service with higher efficiency.


Social Discounting/Localization Uses

Our societies growing appetite for social interaction, to find the best available products or deals makes the use of PairMobile’s core application beautifully… Currently, some amazing companies are offering their massive user bases the ability to find the best deals in town. Where PairMobile will help is in allowing these Deal Generating companies to drive an additional revenue stream by offering their existing and future clients the ability to drive deals everyday within the users proximity! Users with downloaded apps, when enabled, on their mobile devices will be able to have the most up to date deals sent directly to them by just being in proximity of a vendors location.


Inventory Control/Security

Inventory control methods have changed drastically over the decades, but in many cases they are still left to be done physically piece by piece. By accessing our software technology, there are a great many possibilities to see proximity based sensing of stock by a single person, as they walk and their mobile tools sense passing items. Many possibilities lie ahead of such tracking potentials, whereby reducing the massive physical inventory control method costs currently employed and also reveal ways to adapt for real time inventory maintenance.

Additionally for many years we have used older NFC technology, such as access cards, to allow for permission into secure areas within businesses. Today those features are migrating to large corporate based smart phone networks, to swipe phones to gain secure access. Why take the phone out at all, we ask!?!? Utilization of our systems could allow permitted access to be recognized in proximity, without ever needing to swipe a card or phone again!


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